• Solapur, India

    Solapur, India

  • Build rich websites

    Build rich websites

  • We make it happen

    We make it happen

  • SBT develop softwares

    SBT develop softwares

  • Ideas that last

    Ideas that last


Softboatz Technologies creates solutions that are an effective combination of functionality, style, and artistic creativity. We provides various services such as Software Consultancy, Outsource, Web Design and Technical help by experts. Our services and solutions allow our customers to stand out and get ahead of their online competitors!

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Softboatz Technologies provide a full range of software development services, covering the entire product life cycle from needs analysis and system architecture, through design, development, and quality assurance, up to and including long term maintenance.

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Softboatz Technologies provides a cost-effective way to receive product updates and bug fixes, get technical support, add new products to your license, and manage licenses online. Increase your product effectiveness and efficiency by resolve technical issues and bug fixing.

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Welcome to our website

Our vision is to develop world class technology product for better information management and analysis. Our aim is to take innovative challenges and execute the idea to perfection. Our mission is to value individual ambitions and make it driving force for company growth and individual's career. We believe in power of decentralization and we encourage individuals for working independently on the technology they love.

Why Us?

  • We WOW our customers
  • We Listen
  • We act with honesty and integrity
  • We value creativity and innovation

Know Softboatz Technologies

Welcome to Softboatz Technologies, a professional services and consulting firm based in Solapur, India. Softboatz Technologies offers full-lifecycle development and support, IT staff augmentation, web hosting and training services. At Softboatz, we look at your IT challenges differently. We nimble enough to cut through the roadblocks and we accurately assess, consult and then deliver on our word. Our service provides clear competitive advantage for our partners while keeping IT and Business objectives aligned and strong thereby ensuring that projects are built according to specification and provide maximum value.

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